Eco Divers is a small operation that specializes in customer-tailored service. Opened in 1995, it was the first
dive shop in Cozumel to promote ecology diving. As a first point of contact for many visitors to the island, we
feel a particular responsibility for helping divers to understand the fragility of the coral reef ecosystem. Our
staff will provide you with ample information regarding this special environment so that you may better
appreciate how to care for it while enjoying the many pleasures it has to offer. Eco Divers - Cozumel

Our Captains
Captain Mariano (with Tara II) and Benjamin (with Raquelita)
In keeping with our goal of protecting the reef while providing
an enjoyable experience for our clients, we offer personalized
excursions with small groups. We generally take no more than
six to eight divers per trip so that we may manage dives safely
and provide each individual with an ecologically sound adventure.
Our trips include fast boats, weights, soda & purified water, visits
to two different diving sites, & a bilingual, PADI-certified divemaster
with a helpful crew. We hope you will join us soon.

Are you ready for an ecological diving encounter in beautiful Cozumel?
If so, Eco Divers has two kinds of training that provide non-certified divers
with the skills and confidence necessary to enjoy our island's many pleasures:
"Discover SCUBA" and "Full PADI or SSI Certification".
We also have more advanced training for certified divers.

For each program listed below we take you to beautiful diving sites such as Palancar, Paradise, and San Francisco Reefs.
Where you can see an array of Caribbean aquatic life and colorful coral. We also provide you with an orientation to Cozumel's
special and protected coral reef ecosystem, so that you may better appreciate how to care for it while enjoying all the many
wonders of the reefs.

In our "Discover SCUBA" program, you are taught slowly
and gently the basic diving techniques that are needed to
visit the underwater environment. From the beach, skills
are learned and practiced on your knees at a depth that
allows you to stand and reach the surface. You then dive
to a shallow reef to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the
undersea world. The training takes about 3 hours & occurs
under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor.
The rate for our "Discover SCUBA at the Beach" program
is 70 US$ (including equipment).

If you have some experience with SCUBA but are not
certified, we can offer you a diving course that allows
you to experience drift diving Cozumel-style, under the
direct supervision of a PADI-certified instructor. We first
take you to a shallow area where you snorkel and learn
basic SCUBA skills. Then you perform a 40 foot dive at a
coral reef that is only accessible by boat. The time schedule
for this program coincides with those for dive tours. The rate
for our "Discover SCUBA by Boat" program is 92 US$
(including equipment).

If you would like to become a certified diver, we can apply
the introductory training discussed above to your full Open
Water Diver Certification course. Our three-day course is
divided into theoretical and practical training.
The theoretical section involves:
  • reading PADI materials

  • watching instructional videos

  • reviewing the information with the instructor

  • The practical training includes:
  • 4 beach dives in shallow water, to learn & perform skills

  • A 2 tank boat trip to demonstrate your ability in open water

  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive a PADI card
    certifying you as an Open Water Diver. Full certification, includes
    equipment, academic materials & PADI certification fees: $390 US.

    If you have already completed the theoretical and confined
    water training necessary for Open Water Diver Certification,
    you may perform your required open water dives with us.
    This referral course includes two beach and two boat dives,
    equipment, and PADI certification fees for 220 US$.

    For those of you who wish to advance beyond Open Water Certification, we offer several continuing education courses
    such as the following: Advanced Open Water Certification - $290US, Medic First Aid - $100US, Rescue Diver - $380US
    and Dive Master training - $700 US. Write us for details.

    If you are not quite ready for SCUBA, we also provide the opportunity to view the undersea world from above with our
    snorkeling adventures. We will take you to three different reefs with the same fast boats we offer to our divers.
    Equipment, soft drinks, and purified water are included in the $40 US price.

    2-tank dive trips (9:00am to 1:30pm or 1:30pm to 5:00pm) - $72 US
    Twilight dive: 1 tank afternoon, 1 tank night 3:30pm -8:00pm - $82 US
    One-tank night dive: $57 US.
    Specialty Dives (Punta Sur, Barracuda, Maracaibo) $15 US extra.

    Multi-day packages:
    3 days (two tanks per day) $195 US
    4 days (two tanks per day) $250 US
    5 days (two tanks per day) $300 US
    All of our tours & packages include special $15 rate on equipment rental.

    Snorkel with whale sharks, May through September.
    Contact us.

    When you take advantage of Eco Divers' diving instruction &
    snorkeling packages, all equipment is included in the price.
    Equipment rental prices are as follows:
    BCD, Regulator, Tank, Light, Wet Suit: $8 US each
    Mask, Fins and Snorkel: $7 US
    Weights: $5 US
    Underwater Camera: $35 US
    We also offer special discounts on full equipment rental
    for all our package deals of 3 or more days.

    For additional information or to make a diving reservation,
    You may call: 1-800-746-2709
    7 A.M. to 9P.M. Pacific coast time.
    or Write to:
    You may now pay your Dive Trip deposits thru PayPal
    Click Here to pay online at PayPal.

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