Cozumel Diving & Dive Instruction Headquarters
Mike Beasley's UnderSea Adventures

Mike Beasley
PADI 152484
Open Water Instructor
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
U.S. Born, Bilingual, PADI Dive Instructor
Over 20 Years Cozumel Diving Experience

Cozumel Island-The Worlds Premier Dive Destination!

Explore the beauty and the majesty of the Palancar, the mystery of the Deep Columbia, or experience the high voltage Punta Sur - the most electric dive in the Caribbean!!

Come and enjoy the dive experience of a lifetime! Dive with professionals who have worked in the production of underwater television programming, supplying support, instruction, locations and safety divers!


Maximum Bottom Time Excursions-Bring Your Computer!
Any Type Of Dive Trip To Suit Your Personal Needs And Tastes
- Custom Charters - Private Divemaster - Eagle Ray Dive -
- Novice Dives - Night Dives - All Dive Sites -
- Specialty Dive Instruction - Columbia-Punta Sur -
$75USD 2 Tanks


The Ultimate Dive Trip! Just You And The Crew!
Fast Runabout or Large, Slow, Comfortable Boat w/lunch.
All Day/Half Day-Just the Two Of You Or You And Your Family.
Not Nearly As Expensive As You Might Think.
Usually Just A Few Dollars More Than A Group Trip.
E-Mail Us With Your Diving Requirements.
And We'll Give You A Quote.

PADI Dive Certification

When you're finally ready to get that Open Water certification,
why not get it here in paradise? Cozumel Island, the most famous
dive destination in the Caribbean-if not the world. Put yourself
in the hands of someone you can trust, someone who understands
your gringo needs. American born, English first language,
instructor. Private or group instruction. Private swimming pool available, at villa, for class use.

Open Water Diver
Open Water Referral
Advanced Open Water
Rescue Diver
Specialty Dives


Hey non-divers-Ever want to go eyeball to eyeball with
a fish or have a close encounter with a mermaid?

You can do it today!!

20 minutes basic instruction and you're in the water!
1 or 2 tank dives available.

Perfect Scuba Experience For A Day Trip
From The Mainland Or A Cruise Stopover!

UnderSea Adventures

We are a small highly service oriented dive op. We use larger
boat's that are stable and dry riding. Most are equipped with
heads. We specialize in small group trips, private charters and
absolute maximum bottom time diving. We are prepared to do
and have done everything from group trips, to dive instruction,
to private champagne charters, to the on-line production of
underwater television programs. Whatever type of diving you are
interested in, we can handle!

Whatever Diving Experience You Want -
It's Out There Waiting For You!

Let Us Help You Make It A Reality!

Caribe Mexicano-Get Into It!!

Contact Us At
Local Cozumel #: 872-4169

UnderSea Adventures Cozumel Island Quintana-Roo Mexico
That’s Why We Wander And Follow La Vie Dansante

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