About Cozumel Diving and Snorkeling

Cozumel's amazing underwater world was first experienced by Jacques-Yves Cousteau in the 60's. Since then divers have flocked to the area to see all the wondrous sites to be experienced here.

The reefs vary from very shallow to extremely deep. But with the amazingly clear water here, it is possible to see all the corals and sea life even as a snorkeler.

Cozumel's diving is special in that it is almost all "Drift Diving". By that I mean that you "go with the flow". You allow yourself to float above the reefs using the current to push you along. It is lazy diving at its best. Once you get the hang of it, you will be seriously hooked.

For anyone who has been to Cozumel and seen the reefs and fish life, you already know all of what I am talking about. And for those of you yet to see our fantastic Caribbean waters, we hope you come and visit our lovely and oh so friendly island to see for yourself.

Please feel free to explore our site and check out all the Dive Operators, Instructors and Snorkel Tours providers listed therein. We believe you will be able to find the right match for you and your friends and family to serve you on your next (or 1st ) trip to Cozumel.

Oh, and be sure to have a look at our Cozumel Diving Blog to see what is going on at any given time concerning the Cozumel Diving Community.

So dig in and have a look around.
We look forward to having you here on our peaceful little island.